08/03 - A concert was made for the Estellinha project, which is a kindergarten for children of Rio de Janeiro communities, and there are many types of classes for children, and one of them is music class, and Camerata Laranjeiras will be partnering with this day care center and one of our musicians will be giving violin lessons to the daycare children.

Kaja & Vitor hug

08/10 - presentation was made at the Rio Cello Encounter 2019 festival at Cadeg, with the Norwegian cello group Cellolyd and Camerata Laranjeiras, it was an amazing performance! And on the same day the two groups performed at the João Caetano theater, which was also part of the program of the same festival.

08/18 - Camerata Laranjeiras gave a presentation at the Candelaria Church together with Kaja Pettersen, Isa Holmesland, Marcus Ribeiro and Daniel Sorour, and we had a very large audience in the church that loved the concert. This concert was also invited by Rio Cello Encounter 2019, for Camerata Laranjeiras to be part of the program.

08/23 - We started our 28th Camerata Laranjeiras Workshop organized and directed by Gibran Moraes, Gabriel Vailant, also featuring Kaja Pettersen and Isa Holmesland. It is held at the Norwegian Church, where it is given for Camerata Laranjeiras to be able to hold the workshop. We did rehearsals for the upcoming days with the workshop participants and did dynamic activities in a fun way to socialize among the participants.

Camerata @ the Seamen´s Church, Gavia

08/24 - In addition to the workshop activities earlier in the day, we had the pleasure of doing a concert at the Istitute Europe of Design in Urca, together with the German group Aggregat, it was an impressive concert of the two groups sharing stage that night.

08/25 - On the last day of the 28th Camerata Laranjeiras Workshop, as usual, we did the closing concert Amores do Rio with the Choir of Urca, Brazilian music repertoire, Bossa Nova.

08/29 - In a quintet formation, Camerata Laranjeiras did a didactic concert for children of the Ecuador Municipal School, located in the neighborhood of Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro.

Oslo Strings